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family tree el salvador

family tree el salvador
El Salvador Christmas Traditions & Customs.. Please?

My boyfriend is from El Salvador and hasn’t celebrated Christmas since moving here 5 years ago. He lives alone and has no family here in the States. This is our first Christmas together and I want to do something very special for him.
Does anyone know of any customs or traditions in El Salvador that I can do for him? Food, Trees, Gifts etc.. I want him to feel at home & merge some of my traditions with his.

I’ve looked online but I can’t find much of anything…

In El Salvador, Christmas Eve is a huge deal. Since El SaLvador us a really religious country, most people go to church to presence the christmas mass or service. After that, people usually get together with family/or friends to have a huge dinner with usually includes turkey in tomato sauce, or tamales.

People light up fireworks such as morteros cohetillos, silvadores, volcancitos, o estrellitas all night long.

Music you hear in christmas are salvadoran cumbias or any music that makes you dance.

If you have any other questions or doubts about christmas in El Salvador, visit my profile and contact me

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